” The rich land of red wine”

Highlighting the unique “style”
of the wine-growing zone of Goumenissa..

In the prefecture of Kilkis, built at the foothills of Mount Paikos, Goumenissa has been producing red wine for centuries. The largest area of its vineyards is developed along the axis Karpi – Goumenissa – Filyria. Its vineyards must be located at an altitude of at least 150 metres. The varieties used in the production of dry red wines are Xinomavro and Negoska.

PDO Goumenissa wines are expressive, rich red wines with aromas of plum, tomato, herbs and tobacco. They mature in oak barrels, are resistant to time and accompany cooked meats with rich spicy sauces, local specialties, yellow cheeses.

Α network of 12 LoRa digital sensors, 2 antennae, and 1 meteorological station
was positioned in the Goumenissa vineyard for recording the air and ground temperature and moisture levels.

All appliances are Internet of Things applications
for tracing and following the region’s terroir, with direct data transmission to the producers’ screens.


A versatile variety that gives wines that are extremely well-structured, with style and character that stand out, as well as the possibility of long-term aging.

It offers a full range of wine types, red, rosé and white (blanc de noir), sparkling, fresh, aged and even distilled wines.


It gives unique character to red and rosé wines (in a few rosés it is the only responsible variety). It participates in the PDO Goumenissa red wines, where it complements and tames the other red variety of the region, which is dominated by Xinomavro.

Dark, fruity and medium in acidity and tannins, Negoska completes the blend, giving the wines of Goumenissa a softer, rounder and chocolaty taste.

Part of the unique terroir of Goumenissa, the round Negoska puts its own touch on a wine that expresses in an exceptional way the values of the old wine world, touching the sensitive chords of every wine lover who wants to acquire real knowledge about good wine.