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A small vineyard and a few acres of land were acquired by Sofoklis Sakalakis from the distribution of agricultural land of the Ministry of Agriculture. With hard work and struggle of many years, he and his son Yannis improved and grew the small vineyard for the needs, primarily, of the family.

The years have passed. In the early 1960s, old Sofoklis left the vineyard he loved so much to his young son Yannis with the wish that he would grow it and produce many wines and tsipouro. Time passed, little Yannis grew up, made a bakery in the village and at the same time cultivated the vineyard.

Producing good wine and tsipouro, in the mid-1970s the care of the vineyard was taken over by the eldest son of Yannis Sakalakis, Sofoklis, for a few years until he moved to Thessaloniki for studies and work. Yannis’ dream of a large vineyard in the village began to fade away. But he tried as much as his strength allowed him to keep the family vineyard alive, having a bitterness because his young son had abandoned him for the sake of the city and commerce.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the agricultural service of Kilkis, taking the soil and climatic data of the region, urged the inhabitants of the area to turn to the systematic cultivation of the vine for qualitative and quantitative upgrading of production. This is how it all began. Sofoklis Sakalakis takes the big decision to make a huge vineyard, the one his grandfather started and his father dreamed of.