Tatsis Estate

” A unique world to explore by tasting. “



The involvement of the Tatsis family with the vine and wine, which comes from Ano Vodeno in Eastern Rumelia, an area of centuries-old viticulture, goes back a long way. In 1924, the refugee grandparents chose as a place of settlement the also wine-growing Goumenissa.

The Tatsis family, from 1924 onwards, acquired vineyards on the hill of Libaskerit and Gerakona, with a total area of 150 acres, ideal for viticulture in limestone soils that are not irrigated and are worked by the family, first by the grandfather, then by his son Christos, together with his sons Periklis and Stergios. Since 1998 the cultivation of the vines is certified organic and since 2002 they are cultivated with the method of biodynamic cultivation.

The wines produced on the estate are all natural, “which means that no additives and wine improvers are used, such as yeasts, enzymes, glues, etc. But this also requires an uncontaminated space from these materials. The winemaking since 2007 has been carried out in the new family winery and no oenological additives have been used in the production process, while the wines are aged in different sized French and American oak barrels.

From the monovarietal rosé negoska and their own Goumenissa to the rhoditis ‘orange’ and their collaboration with the iconic winery of Sklavos from Kefalonia, the Tatsis brothers’ wines have their own philosophy, it is a unique world that you should explore by tasting.