“The story is crafted through Mediterranean-style summer family gatherings,
endless late-night conversations drunk on the love of winemaking
and a wine that speaks for itself.
And that’s why we make wine the way we live… with passion!”


It all started with love… when Vangelis Chatzivaritis met his future wife Olga Iakovidou in 1981. Olga was from Goumenissa, a place with a great wine tradition. This place, therefore, was destined to become for him the place where he would dedicate himself to the creation of a unique and deeply unexplored Greek wine.
Being a wine lover himself and a man who appreciates good food and the simple pleasures of life, he began to make his own wine to enjoy with good friends and relatives.

In 1994 he planted the first vineyard of 50 acres in the area of Bidampla. Emphasizing the quality of the grapes, the fertility of the soil and the protection of the environment he chose organic farming from the very first planting. The expansion of the vineyard was inevitable and was done gradually, on vineyard plots located in the area of Filyria. The climate, continental with plenty of rainfall in winter and hot, dry summer with cool nights. In 2007, a “boutique” winery was built on the vineyard located in the area of Filyria.

Myths say that the indigenous Greek varieties Xinomavro and Negoska, from which PDO Goumenissa Chatzivaritis is produced, were the wine of choice of Philip, King of Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great. In addition to this, local accounts even mention that large quantities of wine from the region were transported to France during World War I because it was so excellent.