Wines of Kilkis

“Unique “style” of the wine-growing zone of Goumenissa”
Dark colored Special Wines, Tasty & Balanced

Fine Wines of Goumenissa

In the prefecture of Kilkis, built at the foothills of Mount Paiko, Goumenissa has been producing red wine for centuries.
The largest area of its vineyards is developed along the axis Karpi – Goumenissa – Filyria. Its vineyards are located at an altitude of at least 150 meters.
The varieties used in the production of dry red wines are Xinomavro and Negoska.
PDO Goumenissa wines are expressive, rich red wines with aromas of plum, tomato, herbs and tobacco. They mature in oak barrels, are resistant to time and accompany cooked meats with rich spicy sauces, local specialties, yellow cheeses.

The unique “style”
of the wine-growing zone of Goumenissa


Α network of 12 LoRa digital sensors, 2 antennae, and 1 meteorological station was positioned in the Goumenissa vineyard for recording the air and ground temperature and moisture levels.

All appliances are Internet of Things applications for tracing and following the region’s terroir, with direct data transmission to the producers’ screens.




Each wine producing zone around the world, like that of Goumenissa, has its own imprinted terroir, which results from the factors that compose it.
Environment and man are reflected in the quality characteristics of its wines, forming their own unique character, something that defines the quality wines. The terroir of Goumenissa is, in a special way, the characteristic feature that confirms that the wines of Kilkis Region are unique.
The characteristics of multidynamic Xinomavro & Negoska, two varieties that give the famous – for their elegance – wines with the indication of Protected Designation of Origin Goumenissa.